Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Dog Days

Our team may be out but it won’t stop us from scrutinizing everyone else’s relentlessly while only sort of, kind of, caring.

Hockey News & Rants

Nashville Predators coach Peter Laviolette blames power play woes on himself | The Tennessean
The Preds have been out of the playoffs for what feels like two months (has it really only been 15 days?) and we’ve already deliberated, re-hashed, debated, buried, revived, yelled, and kicked the power play to death. I know it was bad, but can we give it a rest say till...July? Then we can give it another thorough beat down.

Photos: Best of the 2018-19 Season | NHL
Ah yes, the season that could have been. In photos you’d never guess this team was uh...discombobulated for the majority of the season.

Also...when did Ryan Ellis have Hawkeye hair?

Titans, Tennessee, Predators, Vanderbilt in 3 years in Nashville | The Tennessean
We’ll always have the 2017 playoffs.

The NHL's love affair with hair | ESPN
But when does flow cross the line into mullet?

And why do people still have mullets?

Tuesday’s NHL roundup: Bruins defenseman suspended for one game | Press Herald
I mean did he really need to add salt to the wound that will be the Columbus Blue Jackets this summer? He deserves the suspension.

‘Key building blocks are here’: Ken Holland aims to provide stability to Oilers | CBC Sports
I’m honestly shocked I haven’t seen the headline “Ken Holland abandons Detroit to build Connor McDavid the team he deserves” yet. There’s still plenty of time.

Hurricanes MVP in Stanley Cup Playoffs debated by staff | NHL
What’s there to debate? The Hurricanes turned their entire franchise around in a season. They deserve this more than anyone in the Eastern Conference. You heard me, Boston!

Not that I really want to see the Cup stay in the East, but since it looks like Dallas and San Jose are going to disappoint me more than I can bear before the week is over, it might as well go to someone who has brought a little light to the game for me this season.

Pavelski game-time decision for Sharks in Game 7 against Avalanche | NHL
In 2016 I said that no one would care about a Conference Final between San Jose and St. Louis. I was mad at San Jose (really mad at Nashville but projecting at San Jose) for eliminating the Preds, and I would rather watch St. Louis get relocated to the moon before I watch them win the Cup. If San Jose could do me a solid here...just once. I won’t ever ask this of you again...I’m almost positive I won’t.

While I don’t much care for a final between San Jose and Dallas, at least I could stomach it better than Colorado and St. Louis. I’m also petty enough to admit I don’t want to live in a world where Colin Wilson gets closer to another Cup run before Nashville does.

Hurricanes coach channels former NBA star with ‘practice’ talk | NHL
We don’t deserve the 2018-2019 Carolina Hurricanes.

They’re perfect.