Saturday's Dump & Chase: Free Agency

The word of the day is Free Agency, but nothing will come without a price. Today, all eyes in Nashville will be on General Manager of the Year, David Poile.

Nashville Predators Free Agency Preview

5 NHL free agents who could fit with Predators
By the time you read this, some of these guys could be headed to Smashville. If you had your druthers, who would you sign?

Free Agent Frenzy: Who Could the Predators Target?
Here is a meaty analysis of the Top 10 UFA centers and wingers that will hit the market at 11:00 this morning. Could Bonino's next trip to Nashville be in a Predators jersey?

Predators still awaiting decision from Mike Fisher
I'm sure this will be an unpopular opinion, but it almost seems like Fisher's indecision is going to have a negative impact on the Predators' ability to make the most of Free Agency. I'm also kind of wondering about the cap hit we'd take on a new contract. A *penny for your thoughts?

*said penny will not impact cap space

Nashville Predators News

Preds' Ellis has knee surgery; Poile 'hopeful' of training camp return |
Ellis's mystery injury has finally been (somewhat) revealed. Apparently his beard isn't the only thing made of steel.

Fans, Arena Atmosphere Led Victor Ejdsell to Choose Preds
You can thank the 7th Man (Cell Block 303 represent!) for bringing yet another all star caliber Swede to Tennesweden.

Other Hockey News

Jaromir Jagr says no teams are calling about signing him in free agency
This is just kind of sad. It reminds me of when Babe Ruth was older and teams would attract fans by having him come to park to take batting practice. He'll be glued to his cell phone at 11:00 to hear all offers. Expect a tweet either way.

Welcome to the Bandwagon!

This is the best time to turn the awesome fans we picked up during the post season into lifelong fans. Each Saturday, I am going to include links to articles and videos that will help anyone new to Smashville, or Hockey in general, understand some of the more confusing aspects of the game. I'm starting with these, but I will gladly take suggestions for future installments.

Hockey Off-Sides (Offsides) Violation - YouTube
Remember Subban's disallowd goal in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals? It was taken away because Forsberg was called offsides. Perhaps you were lost during all of the replays because you didn't know what makes a player offsides. This video from Coach Randy will have you calling it better than the Game 1 refs in less than 3 minutes!

Where Does the Phrase "Hat-Trick" Come From? | Mental Floss
Colton Sissons had a hat trick in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals. People sitting near my wife were confused by the sudden onslaught of airborne hats. This overly in-depth article will give you all the history behind what happened after that glorious moment. Like bringing a baseball glove to the ballpark, make sure you bring a spare hat to the rink for throwing.

Fish tale: How the catfish toss came to be a Predators thing
Maybe all the catfish tossing and "instrument of crime"ing confused you during the playoffs. You can get the whole backstory here!