Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Time on Our Side

Some teams have signed people! Maybe the Predators will sign more people soon too.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

The tribe has spoken: Grading the Nashville Predators’ 2000 offseason. | On the Forecheck
Remember when Survivor was a thing? I definitely remember trying to vote a friend's little brother out of the rec room around this time. Meanwhile, David Poile was not even giving Henrik Lundqvist an invitation to the island. Catch up on another year of Preds history with Nick!

Other News & Notes

The Lamoureux Twins are dedicated to leveling the playing field | The Ice Garden
Honestly, I just really liked this article--not just because it was informative, but because it's so nice these days to read about people who are working to do the right thing because they realized it needed to be done. The twins talk about how and why they started the Jocelyne and Monique Lamoureux Foundation, and what they're doing with their platform and resources.

Lightning lead NHL’s best special teams units | ProHockeyTalk
The Tampa Bay Lightning [checks notes] “won some hockey games” in 2018-19.

Some surprises among NHL’s worst special teams units | ProHockeyTalk
Preds fans rejoice: it could, actually, be worse.

21 fun things we learned at Smashfest VIII: Patrick Eaves can’t lose |
I had no idea that table tennis could be a form of therapy for post-concussion syndrome. A neat coincidental sidenote in an article about an event held in part to raise money for concussion research.

Calgary Flames' Bennett hoping to complement physical game |
I'm less vehement about trying to remove fighting from the game than a lot of people in the analytics and general hockey communities who I really respect, but stories like this make me second-guess my shrugging.

Bennett wasn't producing, so he made some changes to lead the team in penalty minutes instead; the author of this article praises him for "figur[ing] out" that this was a role he could play. He wants to score more this year, but both he and Sportsnet consider punching faces a reasonable alternative to scoring points, and that's just...discouraging. Hey, how's that concussion lawsuit coming along?

PWHPA solidifies leadership group, plans for future | The Ice Garden
A lot of the things that the PWHPA is planning sound great--trying to both develop and market the sport--but there's definitely also an aspect of risk to it.

Rangers agree to terms with forward Pavel Buchnevich |
Rumor has it it's a two-year contract with an AAV of $3.25M.

Subban says Devils’ talent ‘excites’ him | ProHockeyTalk
The Devils are going all-in on the spectacle. More power to them and their PR department.