Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Subban Practicing

There were a lot of day games yesterday, which is always fun. It's also fun to watch the slow demise of the Dallas Stars. Meanwhile, the Preds head to Western Canada and Subban is practicing again.

Nashville Predators News

Well, there's this:

But also this...

So yeah, not much going on in Preds world yesterday...

Other Hockey News

Tyler Ennis sparks Sabres to win against Stars | NHL.com
It's gone from bad to worse down there in Dallas. They were pretty much dominated by the Sabres in this one.

For real:

Thomas Greiss, Islanders blank Bruins | NHL.com
The Islanders, who are not very god this year, with probably their best win of the year. Kudos for shutting out the Bruins in Boston.

Jared Coreau, Red Wings blank Canadiens
The only goal in this game came off of Thomas Vanek's thigh. It was a weird bounce that even Carey Price couldn't stop. At the other end, the Canadiens could only muster 18 shots on the Detroit net. Huh.

Ward leads Sharks over Jets - Article - TSN
Joel Ward took a nasty shot from Mark Stuart in this one, but he returned later in the game. Also, it looks like the Sharks are ready to start playing real hockey again, which means they will probably coast to another Western Conference title.

Devils 2 Canucks 1 (OT): Horvat, Schneider trade works for both teams | The Province
An interesting take on the Bo Horvat for Cory Schneider trade back in 2013. Two years ago, this was a steal for New Jersey. Now, it's probably more of a wash, or maybe leaning more towards Vancouver's favor. Trades are funny that way.

Has Shane Doan waited one year too long to become a deadline rental? | The Hockey News
It's never too late to escape from Arizona. Never too late.

Kris Letang out week-to-week as Penguins' blue line takes another hit
Sucks for Pittsburgh, but the real reason I'm linking to this is because it has a link to a stats service I've never seen before: ManGamesLost.com. It's a free subscription service that you need to register to use (boo), but it has some neat stuff. Essentially tracks injuries, suspensions, etc. for all teams and ranks the games lost and impact on their team. So far the Red Wings have the most MGL and the Preds rank 18th.